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Why to choose us
1. We have 47 offices and a staff of about 3500 all over the world.
2. We cooperate with many foreign law firms or/and international debt collection companies in U.S.A, Europe (Germany, France, Britain, Russia, Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Greece, Poland, Finland, Belgium, Cyprus, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Turkey, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Romania, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Iceland, Ireland-44 countries and regions), Australia, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and the Middle East, etc..
3. Contingent fee is our main way to deal with oversea claim cases-international debt recovery cases. Lawyer (Attorney) fee will be paid according to certain proportion of the money actually obtained from the opposite party after the money has been recovered. Before obtaining the money, a client shall pay no lawyer fee or a little amount of lawyer (attorney) fee.
4. Abundant legal knowledge of international trade and plentiful experiences of oversea claim (international debt recovery).

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