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Contingent fee is our main way deal with oversea claim (international debt recovery) cases. Lawyer fee will be paid according to certain proportion of the money actually obtained from the opposite party after the money has been recovered. Before obtaining the money, a client shall pay no lawyer fee or a little amount of lawyer fee.
But the court fee, trip fee, investigation fee, expert fee, translation fee and notarization and authentication fee shall be paid by clients in advance. In most of the countries, majority of the above-mentioned fees in this paragraph shall be afforded by the losers.
Contingent fee is not allowed in several countries.
Lawyers (Attorneys) have the right to decide if contingent fee is available. It mainly depends on the amount of claim, the complexity, the possibility of winning and the opposite party's assets.
In general, the charging standard for contingent fee is 30%.
The fees range from 1000CNY to 5000CNY for investigating basic information of a firm all over the world.

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